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The following are some comments from people who were inspired enough to write us and tell us what they think about EXCEPTIONAL LIFE: Living the Life You Were Meant to Live and Kurt's keynotes.

Testimonials on Kurt DuNard's Book EXCEPTIONAL LIFE: Living the Life You Were Meant to Live

“Congratulations on your outstanding new book Exceptional Life . . .looks terrific! You really put it altogether compactly. It will be a great guide for inspired, successful living for all who read it.”

--Ed Foreman,

United States Congressman from two different states, Millionaire by age 26, and Success Expert and Author

“In Exceptional Life , Kurt offers a path that will enable you to be transformed by your highest ideals and visions and to live them in practical ways every day of your life.  Kurt will show you it is possible and how you can do it.  Take the challenge.  Wake up. Seize this moment and start to turn your best dreams into reality.”

-- Joe Brodnicki, President,

Success Navigation Associates

“This book is a roadmap of basic philosophies and practical approaches for a living journey from 'I Will' to 'I Am'.,,,,,with the offering of an " Exceptional Life " as the destination.”    

                                 --Patricia Leonard,

Speaker, Actress and Professional Coach

“Kurt’s book is perfectly titled—if you are looking for specific directions on living an Exceptional Life, THIS is the road map you’ve been looking for all your life.”

--Bill Karlson, CPC
Author of Get Top Dollar in a Job You Love

“ Kurt DuNard is a thoughtful and eloquent writer. In reading Exceptional Life, I found that, without much effort, I was reflecting on my life’s purpose and accomplishments. I have begun the ideas from Exceptional Life to enhance my work and relationships.”

--Rhonda Borman, MA, MSSW, LCSW,

Author, Speaker, Storyteller

“ Kurt DuNard’s Exceptional Life is a splendid blending of vivid parallels with practical solutions for avoiding the human wastefulness of living the unproductive life. Kurt shares the belief that we come to this earth with unique talents and traits that in themselves are neither good nor bad. However, only when those characteristics of our “hardwiring” are then aligned with higher goals and objectives, do we reach a measure of our true purpose for being. This book is a compass.”

--John Bracewell, President ComposiTEAM™ Leadership System

“This is the book I recommend to people who not only want success but also meaning, happiness and significance.”

--Robin Crow, Entertainer,

Author of Jump and the Net Will Appear

“Kurt's stories paint vivid pictures with down to earth examples.  He takes impressive ground breaking research and presents it in a way that anyone can understand and use to their benefit beginning today.”

--Barbara L. Fielder, Speaker,

Author of I'm Communicating, I being heard?

and Motivation in the Workplace

Some Quotes from Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars An informative study and perhaps a celebration of the "Purpose Driven Life"

"Exceptional Life: Living the Life You Were Meant to Live" is an informative study and perhaps a celebration of the "Purpose Driven Life", explained in an earlier publication by Kurt W. DuNard and so titled. As a manual, or tool to enlightenment, "Exceptional Life" contains specific techniques and suggestions to help the reader achieve purpose, meaning, and balance in life. Exercises and journal writing are among the effective approaches suggested. Author DuNard (a leading expert at helping people find their life purpose for more than thirty years) writes both inspirationally and practically. One of the most interesting chapters is "Legacy - a Different Kind of Immortality". In it DuNard suggests that everyone could make a life plan to create a legacy, related to his/her raison d'etre and purpose in life. DuNard further suggests reading "The Man Who Planted Trees," by Jean Gono to gain a fuller understanding of the "true feeling of legacy." DuNard also speaks of the "Namaste Attitude", or frame of mind, which enables one to give blessings to others. A very strongly recommended addition to personal and business self-help, self-improvement reading lists, "Exceptional Life" ranges from finding your purpose in life, or raison d'etre, to planning your ultimate legacy, spiritual, mental and physical.

Midwest Book Review

5.0 out of 5 stars Superbly insightful!!

Really enjoyed the anecdotes, the emphasis on healthy living, learned some new tips (like the discussion on salt!), and the tenet which runs through the book which is based on the old Proverb, as a man thinketh, there will his heart be (or, you are what you believe). All in all, a great book, highly recommend you read this one!

D.A. Hughes

5.0 out of 5 stars A must read for everyone

Exceptional life is a book that should be read by people from all walks of life in all stages of life. The lessons the reader can take from this book will surely have a positive impact on both their personal and business lives.

The amount of information compiled, which was so eloquently integrated into the message, demonstrates an obvious lifetime of research by the author. I was especially impressed with the use of quotations throughout the book. They fit so well and flowed with the text beautifully while always emphasizing the point.

Don't pass this one up - you won't be dissapointed!

John Alba

5.0 out of 5 stars Terrific book plus guides and checklists - must read

This book is right on target with practical advice plus how-to guides to getting started in all areas of your life. It is a must read for everyone no matter where you are in life. A book that should be read and then re-read. It covers all the 'bases'. Improving in all areas will definitely lead to an exceptional life.

Denice Gore

Testimonials on Kurt DuNard's Keynotes

“I think it was a perfect message for everyone on the planet at this time in history. More and more folks are questioning their purpose and don't know how to discover it .”

Nancy Collins

“This is exactly the type of help I need so that I can focus not on money, but on purpose.”

Barbara Scott

“Very interesting insights. Really opened my eyes to some new ideas.”

Matt La Blanc

“Very insightful, thought provoking. He made me look in the mirror!”

Randy White

“He was a good and precise speaker, really delivers an interesting insight about life and yourself—Very motivated speaker.”

Sylvia Davidson

“Kurt reaffirms that people's lives are more than just their profession. Excellent exercises which were simple to complete and with powerful results for the participant.”

Richard Brithell

“A very good presentation encouraging me to continue to plan and accomplish at the age of 74 years. Life is exciting!”

Phyllis Street

“Very thought invoking. Very different ideas.”

Leigh Ann Luther of Morgan Stanley

Enjoyed your passionate emphasis on finding your truth. It is so Important.”

C.J. Silorey

“Enjoyed session, it enticed me to get serious about my goals. This information also will help me in revising my mission statement.”

Lauranette Ford

“I enjoyed hearing a new approach and felt inspired. Thank you I’m listening.”

Karen Bottesch Vice President of Bank of America

“Very energetic and engaging speech—especially the illustration of each idea. Thank you for coming to speak to us.”

Megan Woody of TVA

“Wish we had more time to hear more from you.”

Sandra Bennett President of GNBPW

“Love the fact that you teach that happiness comes from our raison d' ê tre and not money and titles .”

Tom Hannon

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