Coaching & Mentoring

"Every kid needs a mentor. Everybody needs a mentor."

--Donovan Bailey, World record athlete

"Coach Lombardi showed me that by working hard and using my mind, I could overcome my weakness to the point where I could be one of the best."

--Bart Starr, Football Hall of Fame and numerous awards

"I worked with Lawrence Olivier some years ago. He was a great mentor."

--Anthony Hopkins, Award winning Actor

"The strategy of my coach and me was that we looked at pictures of all the best pole vaulters from around the world, and we took the best parts from them, and we created a person that had never existed. We then started to work toward being such a person."

--Sergei Bubka, Olympic gold and 35 time new world record pole vaulter

"Gleason became like a mentor of mine. I had Gleason helping me on television, Godfrey on radio."

--Larry King, American television/radio host

"If you want to compete, you must find a coach that will be there for you 24/7 and that will challenge you in order to take you to a higher level."

--Oksana Baiul, Olympic champion figure skater

"I considered Nat King Cole to be a friend and, in many ways, a mentor. He always had words of profound advice."

--Diahann Carroll, Award winning actress

"If you have a coach helping you, developing your skills alongside you, that's when you're on your way to becoming not just a participant but achieving."

--Lynn Davies, Olympic gold medal winner


A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step, But if You Want to Fly, Use a Coach.

Every child prodigy, every hero or heroine of history, and every high achiever had something in common . . . somewhere along the way they had a coach or mentor . . . and so should you!

Everyone started out as an ordinary person. But we all know when we were children we had unbelievable potential, otherwise we would not have taken that first step. Later, when we found a coach, mentor or a teacher, we were moved to became extraordinary and we came closer to our potential. If the greatest in history used coaches, then perhaps so should you. Like the child, most people know, deep down in their hearts, that they are meant to find their greatness, their genius, and their gifts. They only need to give themselves permission or remember.

Although most biographies of highly successful people talk about how they did it, few talk about the coaches, mentors and important teachers. But you can bet all of them had these influential individuals contributing to their success.

Coaches and Mentors are The Secret of Highly Successful People

There is a myth in America that rugged individualists built this country and that true heroes don't need any one. This is a destructive myth because if believed, it will slow down anyone's progress to such an extent that success may never come. The truth is, that America was built by people who relied on one another and made information, know how, and expertise readily available. That is what the Internet is all about. That is what coaching is all about. To speed up your progress, a coach will:

  • Help you find your purpose and raison d’être.
  • Support you through negatives and fears.
  • Help you focus on positive outcomes.
  • Keep you on track to where you want to go.
  • Replace negative subconscious patterns with positive.
  • Affirm your greatness and success.
  • Help you find balance in your life.
  • Help you find your values and then confirm those values.
  • Create more time and prosperity by working smart instead of hard.
  • Help you tap into your Infinite Intelligence.

It used to be that one got a coach or mentor simply by luck. You might have had a wonderful uncle, teacher, or an older coworker that took you under their wing and showed you the way. Life is too short to wait for luck. It is much easier to live your success when you have a world-class coach using every means possible to keep you focused on your purpose, your dreams and your balance. This is the reason I have developed an Individual Mentoring Program based on the principles of Exceptional Life to help you live the life you were meant to live, quicker, faster, and with the most amazing synchronicity.

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