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Let the Exceptional Life Coach inspire your audience to reach goals and heights they never thought possible.

“Very energetic and engaging speech--especially the illustration of each idea. Thank you for coming to speak to us.”

Megan Woody of TVA

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Kurt DuNard is a master at waking up your audience and riveting their attention. His engaging, thought-provoking ideas will leave your meeting participants or conference primed for action. They will be excited and ready to learn more and start applying the success principles both professionally and personally.

Even though by definition the Keynote program is a short period of time, Kurt DuNard makes the most of every minute. With your audience's full attention, he uses interesting stories, humor, poignant examples, and ground breaking research to drive home the ideas and topics. Your audience will take these ideas with them from the conference to use in their home and office. Please allow 1-2 hours.

Keynote Plus

More than just a Keynote and almost a Workshop or Seminar, the Keynote Plus is used by many meeting planners to give extra energy and develop community amongst participants at a conference, convention, or retreat.

Kurt DuNard brings all of his interesting stories, humor, poignant examples and ground breaking research from his Keynote and adds to them community building low risk interactive exercises. This starts off or ends your conference on a high note with participants getting highly energized, positive, and wanting to know each other better. All this is happening while success principles are being internalized. Your audience will feel closer to each other and ready for personal and professional success.

Because the Keynote Plus includes community building exercises and activities not presented in the standard keynote address, the Keynote Plus is an ideal choice for longer keynote programs. Please allow 2-4 hours.

Workshop or Seminar

The Workshop or Seminar calls for great participation from the audience. This is not a passive session. The program uses exercises, activities and group experiences, along with dynamic teaching to stimulate personal growth and breakthrough awareness amongst the participants. Along with personal growth, participants will build community with other participants. This either causes them to make new friends or helps them work more closely with fellow employees. Includes: powerful success tools, handouts and other resources. Please allow 4-6 hours.

2 or 3 Day Workshop or Seminar

This is the Workshop or Seminar where success is imperative and crucial. Organizations use the 2-3 day Workshop to create breakthroughs and change. It gives the most comprehensive, in-depth coverage of the material available, with all kinds of learning tools, reference materials and after workshop reinforcements. Allow 12-18 classroom hours or 2 to 3 days.