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Meet Kurt DuNard

The beloved author of the acclaimed EXCEPTIONAL LIFE: Living the Life You Were Meant to Live, Kurt DuNard helps people find their real passions in life, their Raison D’être. These passions become the driving force behind the development and delivery of a truly Exceptional Life or an Exceptional Organization. He has been affectionately called “The Exceptional Life Coach.” Whether you are talking about an individual's success, happiness, complete fulfillment or an organization's, Kurt DuNard is uniquely qualified to talk about what really counts and about success.

Kurt DuNard is a highly regarded, author and motivational speaker, who leads corporate executives and individuals to an Exceptional Life. His focus is on life balance, health, wealth, and happiness--to a more meaningful life. He gives keynote speeches, seminars and the famous Exceptional Life Course.

As Chairman and CEO of International Institute of Higher Performance (iihp) , a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations, Kurt DuNard has created a company on the same principles that he talks about to his audiences--meeting subconscious needs, using the whole brain, building a new reality, building genius, building a legacy, building an Exceptional Organization. No matter what you call him, whether a keynote speaker, motivational speaker, humane potential expert or inspirational speaker, Kurt is a trainer that brings balance, health, wealth, dreams, goals, and the secret to meetings, conventions, sales training, and management training.

A gifted speaker, Kurt DuNard connects with individuals from all levels of society, culture and backgrounds. Since 1980, he has advised and counseled thousands of individuals, organizations and their officers across the United States, delivering life changing messages that effect fundamental improvements. The overall outcome is that he is instrumental in improving the condition of all stakeholders, management, employees, customers, vendors, stockholders and individuals. He helps them focus on their core motivations.

Among others, he has advised executives from such organizations as Microsoft, Costco, Weyerhaeuser, Safeco, Nordstrom, and the State of Washington. His experience on Wall Street as a Vice President with Oppenheimer & Co., Inc. and as President & CEO of Extreme Solutions (Executive Recruiting Firm) has given him a perspective on the business world that few ever see. This experience has put him in contact and allowed him to work with some of the most successful individuals in America. Working with these people helped him uncover many success secrets; one in particular, he calls The Secret. Kurt knows what drives them, what motivates them, and what inspires them. He brings this critical insight to winners--audiences who have decided to live by choice instead of luck.

Along with this experience and personal research, Kurt has over thirty years of learning from all the experts, written wisdom of the ages, literature, scientific studies and seminars. Like many creative people, he is able to bring solutions from the past, reorganize them in a new way, and then create something completely different and relevant for today.

Kurt is a University of Missouri graduate with a B. S. in Education and one of the earliest champions of the importance of finding one's Raison D’être, one's reason for being, one's soul's goals. This not-so-simple first step has resulted in breakthrough results for achieving success.

Kurt's goal is to help you find your soul's goals and with the realization of those goals, help you create unstoppable energy to achieve both your personal and business goals faster and easier than you ever imagined. In fact, he wants to help you live and achieve your dreams.

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