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Life Purpose--Find Your Raison d’être by Kurt DuNard

I think it was a perfect message for everyone on the planet at this time in history. More and more folks are questioning their purpose and don't know how to discover it .

Nancy Collins

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Dear Editor or Program Director,

Most likely you have heard of me because of my acclaimed book Exceptional Life: Living the Life You Were Meant to Live. However, long before this book was published, you might have heard of me because of my training company International Institute of Higher Performance (now DuNard Institute). Through this company, I trained and coached business leaders, high achievers, and average everyday people to find their life purpose, their company's main purpose, and to create a balanced happier life. I coached on what matters most.

Some people have said that my message needs to be heard by everyone especially during these difficult times. I don't know if that is true, but I do know that many people are looking for hope, purpose, and a way to succeed and still have life balance. Many of my students have gone from unfulfilling, unfocused, and confusing lives to lives where they know exactly what they want, what it takes to get it, and a happy commitment to do what it takes.

I know that a lot of other success experts tend to focus on becoming a millionaire or making lots and lots of money. That's what sells. There is nothing wrong with making money, but perhaps it should not be our main focus. Many of the problems that face the world today are because people made profit and money their main focus. Money is just one of the aspects of a balanced life and it should not be allowed to warp all the other aspects such as family, life purpose, friends, intellectual growth, spiritual growth, health, happiness, et cetera. True success means that along with money we have love, family, health, an overwhelming commitment to some greater purpose, and all the other things that make us balanced and happy. My system of proven success tools and methods looks at the whole person, their motivations, their subconscious thoughts, their overwhelming ambitions and transforms that person and his or her lives into the unique individual they each most want to become.

This system and these tools are in my book Exceptional Life.

As it says on the dust jacket:

Why not go for an Exceptional Life? Wouldn't you rather live a life that feels charmed, a life that you know with a certainty was the one you were meant to live? Wouldn't you really rather get up in the morning feeling excited about the coming day, knowing that you are giving the world your best and the world is giving you something even better? This manual is the ultimate tool for creating balance, achieving purpose, and living a long happy life. In short, it gives the secrets to creating an Exceptional Life.

Please take a few minutes to go through the information on this web site, and join with me to help people find and get what they most want out of life. Let's help wake people up to a better life--an Exceptional Life.

I hope you will want to be part of the excitement and a new world direction. Please let us know how we may help.


The Exceptional Life Coach

Author of Exceptional Life: Living the Life You Were Meant to Live