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7 Easy Daily Thoughts to Success:
Making the Secret Work For You

by Kurt DuNard The Exceptional Life Coach

In 2006, a movie came out that rocked the world. It was called The Secret. In this movie they summarized what all the great masters have taught for thousands of years in a very well presented hard hitting video format. The reason it is called The Secret is that it talks about powerful information that has been suppressed, lost, or forgotten. This is information that all the great names in history have used to bring about their success. What is fantastic is that now this information is available to the average individual—that is if it is not suppressed, lost, or forgotten again. The odd thing is that these tools of thought are so fantastic that they are almost too good to be true. Therefore many don’t value or pay attention to the information and it becomes forgotten and must rise again during another renaissance.

Success is not as hard as many think. In fact, it is quite easy. Follow the next seven thinking steps daily and watch what happens.

1. Night & Morning Meditation on What You Want

Both at night, before your go to sleep, and when you first get up in the morning, imagine your perfect day. What do you really want out of life? How can you tell that it is a “perfect day?” Have you found your raison d’être or purpose in life? (See exercises in EXCEPTIONAL LIFE: Living the Life You Were Meant to Live by Kurt DuNard) Think about all the major areas of your life as if they were perfect. Think of yourself with perfect health, job, abundance, friends, family, spiritual well being, and doing what you most love to do. If you could see it, feel it, touch it, hear it or smell it, how would you sense this perfect life? Sense that you have it all right now and sense the joy and happiness of having what you really want. As you imagine every night and morning that which is closest to your heart, you will attract these things. In The Secret this is called the Law of Attraction.

2. Be Diligent About the Dark Side of the Law of Attraction

 The law of attraction works whether you are meditating about what your want or you are meditating about fear, jealousy, hatred or negativity. If you fear that you are going to drip dark chocolate ice cream on your new white shirt, then you better start thinking of ways to get it clean. It is most likely that you are going to drip. We attract what we think about most with emotion. It is imperative that we guard our thoughts and attract only that which we want with thoughts about what we want. The good news is that we can’t think of two thoughts at once. So if you can replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts, then you will have fewer and fewer negative experiences.

3. Surround Yourself With an Environment that Affirms What You Want

 We don’t just meditate before going to bed or getting up in the morning, we meditate every minute of the day with every thought that we think. The Chinese have known this for thousands of years. They have developed an intricate system called feng shui. They change their environment to be beautiful in order to influence positive thinking. Thoughts attract our future. Our environment influences our thoughts. We must influence our environment.

Pete Conrad was the third person to walk on the moon and the first person to dance on the moon. As a child, he was given a toy airplane/car he could ride around or “fly” around the neighborhood. At sixteen, after many hurdles including dyslexia, he really did learn to fly. He graduated high school with honors and received a full scholarship to Princeton through the Navy. After being a top test pilot he ended up one of America’s greatest astronauts. How much did that toy airplane influence the thinking of Pete Conrad and how much of that thinking led to being an astronaut? We will never know, but we do know that if at sixteen he had not wanted to learn to fly, then most likely all the other cascading events that led up to being an astronaut would not have happened.

Dress the part of the person you want to be. Decorate your apartment or house to look like the kind of house or apartment your future you would have. Collect pictures of your future--your future house, car, or job. Put those pictures on a big poster or in a book that you will look at frequently. Paint your dreams, sculpt your dreams, dance your dreams and sing your dreams. Do anything that will positively affect your subconscious with passion and energy. Test drive your dream car, tour your dream house, and be around the people of your future. Invite them to dinner. Change your environment so much that you feel like you are already living your dreams.

4. Pay Attention to How You Feel Emotionally

Other people don’t make us feel good or bad, it is our thoughts that create our emotions. If we respond with jealousy and hate, then we will feel bad. If we respond with love and joy, then we will feel good.

As you go through your day monitoring your emotions, you will know how you are thinking based on how you feel. You can use this indicator to be guided to a good or bad life depending on whether your emotions are positive or negative. Move to those thoughts and actions that bring joy and happiness. Move away from the dark dungeon of negativity.

5. Celebrate All Your Blessings—Be Grateful

 Celebrating birthdays is all about celebrating the gift of life. But we should not just do it once a year. We need to celebrate everything that is great. The Japanese celebrate the cherry blossoms, the Germans Maifest (beer?) and Portland, beer again. There are Jazz festivals, fall festivals, and Shakespeare festivals. But we need to have our own personal festivals everyday. We need to be grateful for everything we have, do or think. Part of the secret is that the more emotion we put into our celebration of gratitude the more we will have to celebrate.

Lee Brower in The Secret talks about his “gratitude rock.” He carries a rock in his pocket to remind himself to be grateful every morning and night as he puts on his pants and as he takes off his pants. Mine is made of African jade and I am very grateful to have it.

6. Be a Participant and Take Action

 Even though we are doing perfect meditations and we are positive and great users of the Law of Attraction, we can’t just sit on the sidelines and be spectators. WE MUST TAKE ACTION! Almost any action, even if it is the wrong action will do. This is sort of like that old adage: “God helps those who help themselves.” By taking action we become partners with the Universe so that everything we have meditated on can come to us. It is like priming the pump. You must first put some water down the hole so that the pump can create a seal so that it can start sending you water. We must do something, anything, to start the ball rolling.

At first most of us may do little things toward our goals and then as we do more inspiring ideas come to us. These are the ideas that will make it happen. They are coming from the Universe and we must act on them immediately. Success comes to those who act.

7. When Progress is Made, Celebrate and Believe that the Process Works

 As we make tiny steps to success, we need to be our own best cheerleader. As our meditations and the Law of Attraction bring in new opportunities, new success, and new friends, we need to celebrate that we have found a secret, a method that really works, that brings us everything we want. This way we teach our subconscious to pay attention to the meditations and to our thoughts with greater vigor. We also are on greater guard against negative thoughts that will only hurt us.

Remember the Law of Attraction always works. If you are finding that your dreams are not coming true, there could be one of three reasons or all could apply:

  • You have not waited long enough. Negative thoughts from the past are still clogging today’s present.
  • You are still thinking way more negative thoughts than positive.
  • You have not clearly and enthusiastically defined your perfect life. You have not found your purpose or your raison d’être. You are not passionate about your future.

Remember the seeds of success you planted are just starting to sprout. Don’t kill them with doubt.

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We know the secret to success. We just don’t give ourselves permission to know.

-- Kurt DuNard


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